In the early '80s, the Big 3 were in a slump. Chrysler was on the verge of the next big thing - the mini van. GM was churning out bloated beachwagons, gas guzzling Suburbans and ho-hum hatchbacks. Something had to change - fast, and Pontiac was the shot GM needed. In short, they needed EXCITEMENT.

The design of the Fiero came when GM needed better fuel economy, but the engineers always saw the future of their car. They knew that if they had enough time, it would grow into something awesome. And it started right out of the gate with the 1984 Indianapolis Pace Car. Breaking records and putting Pontiac into the spotlight, the Fiero became the little car that not only could, but did.

In the end, many factors were to blame for the short production run. But the car lives on with timeless lines that still look great even by today's standards. The car, despite it's age, still could sell today with only minor interior and engine upgrades - much the same way it did back then. All in all, it was an excellent vehicle that started the resurgence of the kit car industry as well keeping Pontiac, and GM for that matter, alive.

The Fiero was such a revelation to GM that it was highly documented, although a lot of this is being lost in time now. Some items live on, and it's our goal to preserve this. From historical documents to magazine articles, toys to obscure items, we're determined to capture as much as we can.

Boomtastic Racing owns many Fiero rarities and obsolete items, including toys, clothing, and documentation, and we're always looking for new pieces. Please use the Contact link if you have any interesting Fiero related memorabilia you'd like to share or part with.

Ok, enough with all of that.

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