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In 1984 Pontiac invented the Fiero.

We've been


it ever since.

Welcome to Boomtastic Racing.

In the early '80s, the Big 3 were in a slump.

Chrysler was on the verge of the next big thing - the mini van. GM was churning out bloated beachwagons, gas guzzling Suburbans and ho-hum hatchbacks. Something had to change - fast, and Pontiac was the shot GM needed. In short, they needed EXCITEMENT.


The Pontiac Fiero - brainchild of Hulki Aldikacti - was a 2 seat sports car billed to GM management as an economy commuter vehicle. It was the first mass-produced mid-engine sports car by an American manufacturer.

  • 2 Seat
  • Mid engine L4
  • Plastic body panels
  • Steel unibody sub frame

1984 Fiero

The all new, Pontiac exclusive Fiero came as GM was trying to rebound from the gas guzzlers of the 1970's. Pontiac built 136,840 Fieros in 1984.

  • 2 Seat
  • Mid engine L4
  • Plastic body panels
  • Starting at $7990 MSRP (base model)

1985 Fiero

GM heard the cries for more power, and in 1985 added the optional 2.8 V6. Pontiac built 76,371 Fieros in 1985 - 45,884 V6 models (28,224 SE and 17,660 GT).

  • 2.5 L4 - 92 HP
  • 2.8 V6 - 140 HP
  • First year for the GT
  • Starting at $8495 MSRP (base model)

1986 Fiero

Pontiac design engineers amazed the public with the 'fastback' style body for 1986. This new body had sweeping rear panels that rounded out the car. Pontiac built 83,974 Fieros in 1986.

  • First year for light gold metallic paint
  • GT gets 15" wheels
  • 5 spd transmission arrives for the V6
  • Starting at $8949 MSRP (base model)

1987 Fiero

Pontiac increased the fuel tank size and added Bright Blue Metallic as a paint option. 46,581 Fieros were built by Pontiac for 1987.

  • 482 Fieros had an AM only radio
  • All 1987 Fieros had cloth seats
  • Bright Blue Metallic paint was 1987 year only
  • Starting at $8299 MSRP (base model)

1988 Fiero

By 1988, sales had slipped and doomed the Fiero for cancelation. Pontiac built 26,402 Fieros in 1986.

  • Bright Yellow paint was 1988 year only
  • Formula option was 1988 year only
  • All models got improved suspension front and rear
  • Starting at $8999 MSRP (base model)

1989/90 Fiero

Pontiac was already designing the next generation Fiero when the projact was cancelled. Unfortunately the best was yet to come, with revised body styling and optional power steering.

  • Quad hidden headlamps
  • Larger V6 engine
  • Rear lamps integrated with the side body molding on coupes
  • Only 1 GT model remains in GM's posession

Ok, enough with all of that.

Let's show you the race cars!